BMP to PDF Converter

Convert your BMP image into a PDF using our free online BMP to PDF converter! This will make it more convenient to share and open for those who receive it.

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BMP Images

The .bmp file extension is used for bitmap images. Bitmap images are composed of a grid of colored or black and white pixels, making them raster-based images similar to JPGs. BMPs are often used to retain large amounts of pixel data in an uncompressed format, which results in larger file sizes compared to similarly high-quality JPGs. BMPs can also be compressed, if needed. The open format of bitmap images makes them widely used in programs and operating systems.

BMP to PDF Conversion

BMP files are useful for certain types of images, but they can be difficult to share online due to limited compatibility with websites and apps, as well as some devices being unable to open them natively. By converting BMPs to PDFs using our free online converter, you can overcome these issues. Our tool will create PDFs containing the same imagery as the original BMP files, making it easy to share online since PDFs are widely accepted. Additionally, the tool is free to use and does not require any personal information or credit card information, and the outputted PDFs will not have watermarks. Simply upload your BMP files, convert them, and download the resulting PDFs.