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Transform your outdated PostScript files into a secure and accessible format with our PS to PDF conversion service. Archiving, sharing, uploading, and preserving your PS files has never been easier thanks to our free and efficient conversion tool.

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PS Files

PS files, with the .ps extension, are typically considered fixed documents that combine text and graphics. The name “PostScript” comes from the language developed by Adobe in the 1980s for accurately sharing and printing page layouts on PostScript printers. However, the PS format has become less popular over time and has been mostly replaced by Adobe's PDF format. Nowadays, support for PS files is limited, and it's recommended to use PDF instead for fixed document sharing.

PS to PDF Conversion

Preserve your old PostScript files by converting them to a more accessible format! Our PS to PDF converter allows you to easily archive, share, or upload your PS files without any cost or commitment. Simply upload your file and watch as it's converted into a PDF, a more widely supported format, in your browser. No software download is required, and we don't ask for any personal information. The conversion process is fast and easy, giving you a modern and sharable version of your PS file.