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DOC Files

DOC files are a legacy format created in Microsoft Word 2004 or earlier. This proprietary file format, dating back to the early days of computing in the 80s, stores text and formatting information. Although Microsoft controls the DOC format, other word processors can read and create these files, albeit with limited functionality compared to Microsoft Word. Since the early 2000s, the DOC format has been replaced by DOCX, a standardized format based on XML that offers greater accessibility to a wider range of users.

DOC to PDF Conversion

If you've put effort into creating a well-designed Word document, you want to make sure it is viewed exactly as intended. However, the DOC format is prone to changes in display due to different operating systems and font installations. To avoid this issue, converting the document to PDF is essential. Our online tool offers a convenient solution, allowing you to turn your Word document into a fixed PDF without any watermarks or alterations to its content. Convert as many times as needed for free. Simply upload your DOC file(s) and get your PDF output.