XLS to PDF Converter

Easily archive and share your spreadsheets by converting them to a fixed document with our free XLS-to-PDF conversion tool! This simple and user-friendly system makes it effortless to turn your spreadsheet into a PDF.

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XLS Files

Files with the .xls extension are spreadsheets typically created in Microsoft Excel. Before 2007, XLS was the default format in Excel, which was binary-based and stored datasets and basic Excel features. However, this resulted in large file sizes. Since 2007, Microsoft has used XLSX as the default format, which is XML-based and produces smaller file sizes. All versions of Excel can open XLS files, and converting XLS to the modern XLSX format is straightforward. The option to save a spreadsheet in XLS format is still available if desired.

XLS to PDF Conversion

Sharing an XLS spreadsheet can be challenging as many platforms no longer accept this older format. A solution is to convert XLS to PDF, making it easier to share and ensuring that the document's appearance remains consistent. PDFs are widely accessible on any device and operating system. Utilize our free conversion service by uploading one or multiple XLS files and let the system handle the conversion. Upon completion, simply download the newly converted PDFs and you're ready to share. No payment required!