PPT to PDF Converter

Ensure compatibility with any computer by converting your PowerPoint presentation to PDF. The conversion results in each slide becoming a separate page in the PDF, making it easier to share and archive.

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PPT Files

PPT files, with a .ppt extension, are presentations made up of slides. These files were originally created in early versions of Microsoft PowerPoint prior to 2004, but can also be created by other software. PPT files are binary-based, which is why they have been replaced by PPTX, an XML-based format that offers better versatility and superiority over PPT. All PowerPoint versions can open PPT files, but newer software starting from 2004 saves as PPTX by default. It's generally recommended to save presentations in PPTX, as it offers numerous benefits over PPT.

PPT to PDF Conversion

Converting an older PPT format PowerPoint presentation to a more current format is advisable before sharing it with others to ensure compatibility. PDF is a good option for this, as it can be easily viewed on any device and eliminates compatibility issues. Archiving the presentation as PDF is also recommended as PPT format may not be supported in the future. With a PDF, you don't need PowerPoint to view the slides and our conversion service is free, with no downloads or personal information required. You can convert multiple PPTs without any limitations, so start the process today!