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Bring your fixed documents up to date by converting XPS to PDF with our free online tool. Within seconds, you can transform your outdated documents into the modern standard.

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XPS Files

The XPS format is a fixed document format created by Microsoft as a rival to Adobe's PDF format. However, the popularity of PDFs has surpassed XPS, making it a less used technology. Windows doesn't support opening XPS files natively, but there are many free programs available for this purpose. You can also convert XPS to PDF for free, ensuring your document can be widely used in its modernized format.

XPS to PDF Conversion

XPS documents were once a popular choice, but now PDFs have taken over. To keep your old XPS files current, consider converting them to PDF. Our online conversion tool makes it quick, easy and best of all, it's free. No downloads or personal information required, simply upload your XPS files using the form and within seconds, they will be transformed into PDFs. As it becomes increasingly difficult to open XPS files, even on Windows systems, don't wait any longer, start your XPS to PDF conversion today.