DjVu to PDF Converter

Convert your DjVu files to PDF using our free online tool before sharing them with others. This will make it easier for recipients to view the document, as PDF is a widely recognized format that can be easily opened on most devices.

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DjVu Files

DjVu files are document types similar to PDFs and are identified by the .djvu extension. Developed in the 1990s as an open-source format for web-based document sharing, DjVu files have superior compression and universal support due to their open-source nature. However, their popularity declined with the standardization of PDFs in 2008. Despite this, DjVu files can still be opened using free open-source software on all operating systems.

DjVu to PDF Conversion

The once popular DjVu format has been overshadowed by PDFs in recent years. If you have important fixed documents saved in the DjVu format, it's recommended to convert them to PDF for easier sharing and preservation. Usually, converting DjVu to PDF requires downloading software or paying for it. However, our free online tool can easily convert DjVu to PDF right in your browser. No email or credit card details needed, no watermarks, just upload, convert and download your new PDF file in seconds.