XLSX to PDF Converter

Want to share spreadsheets? First, convert your XLSX to PDF, ensuring that your spreadsheet will look consistent for anyone who opens it and allowing you to share it on various platforms.

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XLSX Files

The .xlsx file extension indicates a spreadsheet, likely created in Microsoft Excel. XLSX is the default format for saving spreadsheets in all versions of Excel starting from 2007 and is an improved version of the older binary-based format XLS. XLSX files, being XML-based, do not support macros, unlike XLS. For those who require macro support, the XLSM format is available. Additionally, XLSX files can be opened and edited in open-source programs such as LibreOffice and can also be imported into Google Sheets.

XLSX to PDF Conversion

Sharing spreadsheets created in Microsoft Excel can sometimes be challenging, especially if the recipient does not have the necessary app to open it on their device. To make it easier, use our free XLSX to PDF conversion tool! Simply upload your XLSX files and receive the converted PDF versions, which can be opened on almost any device, including smartphones, laptops, computers, and e-readers. The conversion is quick, privacy-friendly, and unlimited, so you can share, upload, or archive your spreadsheets hassle-free!