CHM to PDF Converter

Convert your CHM files to PDF with ease using this free online tool. Saving or sharing CHM documents in PDF format ensures they can be opened on any device, making it a great solution for preserving and sharing your files.

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CHM Files

CHM files, identified by their .chm extension, are compressed HTML documents primarily used for help documentation in older versions of the Windows operating system. They contain text, hyperlinks, and images, and their compression results in smaller file sizes. While CHM files have been largely replaced by web-based help documentation in recent Windows versions, they can still be opened natively on modern Windows systems.

CHM to PDF Conversion

With the shift to browser-based help articles and the preference for other formats for e-books, the CHM file format has become outdated. To preserve your CHM documents in a more accessible and shareable format, consider converting them to PDF using our free online tool. Simply upload your CHM files and watch as they are quickly converted into PDFs, without any watermarks or personal information required. With the growing difficulty in viewing CHM files, converting them to PDF is a crucial step in preserving and sharing your CHM documents for future use.