EPS to PDF Converter

For those who aren't graphic designers, opening an EPS file can be a challenge without the proper software. Our free EPS to PDF converter offers a solution by converting the file into a shareable format.

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EPS Images

EPS files, with their .eps file extension, are a type of compound image file created in the 80s. They were designed to have a low-resolution preview along with the PostScript image, allowing designers to view a preview of the image in different programs. However, the format has become outdated due to security issues, and it is no longer supported by software like Microsoft Office, which stopped supporting EPS files in 2018. A good alternative to EPS files is PDFs, which can be easily obtained by converting EPS to PDF.

EPS to PDF Conversion

EPS is a commonly used format by graphic designers to save their work. Although the format is ideal for drawings, graphics, and logos, it may not be accessible for non-designers. To make an EPS file more accessible and shareable, convert it to a PDF. Our free online EPS to PDF converter makes it simple to upload your EPS file and convert it to a PDF, which can be easily viewed on any device. With no watermarks, you can download and share your newly converted PDF file with confidence. You can use our converter as many times as you need, making it an effective solution for any EPS file conversion needs.