HEIC to PDF Converter

By default, the iPhone captures photos in HEIC format, but sharing these files with non-iPhone users can be problematic. Avoid the hassle by converting HEIC to PDF for free!

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HEIC Images

.heic files are image files that may contain one or multiple images. Although sometimes referred to as HEIF files (even with the .heif extension), HEIF is a storage format while HEIC is an image format that utilizes HEIF. Despite this, the two terms have become interchangeable. HEIC is favored as an improvement over JPG due to its ability to maintain high-quality images while reducing file size. iPhones and iPads, which adopted this standard in 2017, are the main devices that produce HEIC images.

HEIC to PDF Conversion

Since 2017, iPhone cameras have captured photos in HEIC format. Although these files have higher quality and smaller file sizes compared to JPGs, they can be difficult to open on non-iPhone devices. To make sharing HEIC files easier, converting them to PDF is a smart solution. Our free HEIC to PDF converter streamlines the process, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly upload HEIC files to our web tool and convert them to PDFs. This makes sharing or archiving your photos simple and stress-free, with no watermarks or modifications. Feel free to use our tool as often as you need!