TXT to PDF Converter

Convert your text files to PDF for free using our TXT to PDF converter. If you're facing issues uploading a text document, converting it to PDF might be the solution you're looking for.

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TXT Files

Documents with the .txt extension are text files. These basic files consist of ASCII characters, however, other character sets may be used in non-English speaking countries. Text files serve various purposes like basic word processing, writing code, or providing instructions for other programs. They are compatible with different platforms, allowing for seamless sharing across programs and operating systems with minimal formatting issues. However, text files lack rich-text formatting options, meaning you cannot use elements such as italics, bold text, or URLs.

TXT to PDF Conversion

Most systems can easily create, open, and edit basic TXT files. However, uploading them can be a challenge, as many websites prefer fixed format documents such as PDFs. In such situations, converting the TXT to PDF is the best option. Our convenient TXT-to-PDF conversion tool makes this process simple and quick. No downloads, fees, or email information required. Simply upload your text file, wait a few seconds, and download your new PDF ready for upload to any website accepting text documents. Furthermore, converting to PDF adds a slight layer of security, as it makes it more difficult for unauthorized editing of your TXT file. Try our conversion tool today!